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MidCentral Repeat Survey 2021

This survey asked disabled people and whānau in MidCentral about their experience of the Mana Whaikaha Disability Support System

Disabled people, families, whānau and disability service providers have been working with government to design a better way for disabled people and their families to be supported.

The new disability support system was launched in the MidCentral area region on 1 October 2018. The new approach is called Mana Whaikaha. The new system is intended to give people more choice and decision-making authority over their support.

Who is carrying out the survey?

The Ministry of Health has asked SAMS to speak with up to 162 disabled people, family and whānau in MidCentral. SAMS is a charitable trust governed by disabled people and whanau. Approximately, 80% of their evaluators are experienced disabled people and whānau. Interviews were will be carried out by trained interviewers from SAMS and some whānau may have been contacted by someone from Kanohi ki te Kanohi.

Who was asked to participate?

People in MidCentral were initially chosen at random to be part of this survey. Most people participating in this survey were involved in the “baseline” review in 2018. This is to make sure we can gather an accurate picture of what has changed and the range of experiences people have with the new approach.

What information is collected?

The survey collects information about peoples experience of the current system, what is working well, what can be improved and what people want from their life.

How the information will be used?

The information will be used to tell us how things are currently. We will use the answers to see what has changed and what has stayed the same. This will help in the development of Mana Whaikaha and future changes to the disability support system around the country

Information provided to interviewers is confidential and is protected by the Privacy Act 2020. This means the interviewer cannot discuss personal information with anyone else. People’s responses are added to other people’s answers to create grouped results. This is so information cannot be traced back to individuals.

Where is the Repeat Study is up to (as of 22 June 2021)?

Interviews have now finished. Experiences have been gathered from over 290 disabled people, families and whānau. SAMS is now starting a process to make sense of all the information gathered.

Where can I find the survey results?

The results will be written into a report available to everyone. The reports will be published on the Enabling Good Lives website (external website) . Easy read versions will also be produced.

The MidCentral Leadership Group might get some initial feedback in October and the report is likely to be on the website in November 2021.

Need more information?

If you want more information about SAMS, you can find this at their website (external website)

If you want to talk to someone who is not involved with the study, you can contact an independent health and disability advocate on 0800 555 050 or (03) 3537236. You can also email advocacy@advocacy.org.nz.