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Tim McEvoy

Hi, I'm Tim.

Family is important to me. My wife Lisa and I have five children from 5 to 30 years old. Our eldest requires extra support to reduce the disabling effects of life on earth.

We have been living in a regional South Island town crafting a transformation of our own, so I am delighted to have the opportunity to be part of Mana Whaikaha.

My lived experience of supporting a family member with an intellectual disability to become the man he is today, has been a humbling experience. We have helped him to create valued roles in his community, contributing in ordinary ways, and bearing the fruit of meaningful relationships. His path, though not always straightforward, has held great riches for our whole family.

Professionally I have been a teacher with experience in primary, secondary and the tertiary systems, and in mainstream and alternative settings. I have special insights into educational inclusion and skills in cognitive coaching.

My family and I are excited about the new opportunities to be explored here in the coming years.

Tim McEvoy