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Lisa Willey

Kia ora, my name is Lisa Willey. I’m originally from Yorkshire in the UK and I moved to New Zealand in 2006. I’ve been living here in Palmerston North for 12 years and I’m now a New Zealand citizen.

In the UK and in New Zealand I have worked with young people with disabilities and their whanau for 25 years. In New Zealand I have worked as a teacher, facilitated adult learning for parents and teachers and worked as an advisor with families and schools.

For me inclusion means more than being allowed to go to your local school, it means having the same choice to be part of the community you live in as everyone else. Each of us is unique and so is our vision of a good life.

I love that my job as a Kaitūhono/Connector is to join someone’s team for a while and work with that team to make sure that they get the chance to live their own personal version of a good life.

Lisa Willey