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How to make a complaint

Sometimes things do not work out the way we intended or in a way that works for you. It's OK for you to make a complaint. It will not have a negative impact on your access to any feature within Mana Whaikaha, and this includes funding. The process is easy to use.

Sometimes things do not work out the way we intended or in a way that works for you. It's OK for you to make a complaint.  

The process is easy to use. 

I have a complaint about Mana Whaikaha 

The first step can be talking with your Kaitūhono/Connector, or contact us: 

You will be asked to give consent to record information about your complaint. 


What happens next? 

A Manager will contact you to arrange a time to talk with you about your complaint. 

This could be a face-to-face meeting, a phone meeting or a video call – whatever works best for you. You can choose to have people to support you at this meeting. 

You will be asked for your informed consent to record information about your complaint. This information will not be shared without your consent. 

A Manager will work with you to resolve your complaint. If the matter can be resolved quickly, it will be. 

It may be necessary for the Manager to investigate your complaint. They will consider if your experience aligns with the Enabling Good Lives principles and review the processes and decisions made by Mana Whaikaha staff. 


The outcome of my complaint 

If your complaint can be resolved, the Manager will contact you about what this means for you. 

If your complaint raises an issue about how Mana Whaikaha staff do things, the Manager will let you know what this means for how things will be done differently in the future. 

If talking with the Manager has not resolved your complaint or you think the outcome should be something else, you can contact Director of Mana Whaikaha Rachael Burt on 027 217 5242, or email Rachael.Burt@manawhaikaha.co.nz.


I would like someone independent of Mana Whaikaha to talk with about my complaint 

The underlying principle of the Mana Whaikaha complaints process is to seek resolution. 

If you have raised a complaint with a Manager, and then the Director, but you still feel the issue is not resolved, you could access the independent mediators. 

What can I expect? 

If you make a complaint you can expect: 

  • there will be someone you can talk with about your concerns 

  • your concerns will be taken seriously 

  • to be treated with respect 

  • your privacy and confidentiality will be respected  

  • we will work with you to resolve any concern as quickly as possible 

  • to know the outcome of your complaint. 

If the complaint raises issues that have employment implications, you will find out how your complaint has been addressed. But you may not be told the details of how the employment issues were addressed, particularly in relation to individual staff. 

This is because Mana Whaikaha has employment responsibilities for our staff, and we must make sure we follow employment law. 

If a complaint or concern has not been resolved through the Mana Whaikaha complaints process, there are independent mediators to support resolution.