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Project Happen

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Workshop for parents of students transitioning from school.

Within the new system called Mana Whaikaha, there is a lot of talk about "a good life". We know that we all want a good life - for ourselves and for our family/friends. Where it gets difficult is explaining in real terms what 'a good life' looks like for your family member, and we need to be able to do this because it's pretty much the basis of your funding proposal.

This workshop recognises that we are all a part of a family or network and that changes for an individual can have an effect on us all.

This workshop is designed to:

  • Give you an understanding of why the system has changed.
  • Give you an understanding of what that change means for you and your school leaver.
  • Explain why everyone is going on about "a good life".
  • Explain how the new way of funding (personal budgets) is different from individualised funding and contracting with a Support Service.
  • Show you a process you can follow to be able to start describing what 'a good life' looks like for you. This will help you to become aware of how snippets of conversations and observations can help you begin to describe what 'a good life' looks like for your family member/s. This ability to describe your 'good life' will be helpful when you begin to work with your Connector and the Transition Process.
  • The workshop also includes an exercise where you can answer a series of simple questions that will create a 'word snapshot' of where you and your family member are 'at'. This word snapshot becomes your property and you can use it throughout support processes rather than having to tell your story over and over again.

By the end of the workshops, you should be able to comfortably engage with your Connector. You will understand what they are trying to do, hopefully, you will have a general idea of what you would like for support and why. You will have the knowledge to work in 'partnership' with your Connector.

Download a flyer for the event (PDF, 1 MB, 2 pages)


Feilding and District Information Centre
The Railway Station
61 Aorangi Street
Feilding 4702


Please RSVP to Natarsha Nikora
(see contact details above)