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Know your community

Getting to know your community is the first step to linking with others and finding things you enjoy doing.

Getting to know your community and building networks

The Enabling Good Lives approach is about disabled people being supported to live everyday lives in everyday places. Getting to know your community is the first step to linking with others and finding things you, your family member, or the person you support enjoy doing.

Getting to know your community enables disabled people and their whānau to build and expand their networks of support, make new friends, and increase their community connections. Starting with your neighbourhood is a great first step. Knowing who lives in your street and building relationships at this level can open up opportunities.

You can find out what is happening in your community by checking your local paper, noticeboards at the shops and library, Council web sites, and through social media. Many organisations offer ‘have a go’ sessions or classes before people are required to commit to an activity, club, event, or group.

It’s about contributing too – everyone has something they can offer their neighbours and wider community. Maybe it’s doing baking for someone who has been ill, offering to bring the rubbish bin in and out for an older person, taking the meeting minutes for a community group or just greeting people as they arrive at an event. If you are supporting a disabled person think about the ways you can assist them to contribute.

Moving from providing services to supporting disabled people to take up community opportunities is a key change under the Enabling Good Lives approach.

Read more about how this is happening on the Enabling Good Lives website (external website)

Building community connections

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Community Development