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How does it work?

Mana Whaikaha provides you and your whanau more choice and control over your supports.

What a Kaitūhono/Connector does

When you join Mana Whaikaha, you have a Kaitūhono/Connector who works with you to decide what a good life looks like for you.

They get to know you and your whanau, your strengths, dreams, and who you are as a person. They'll help you determine what supports you need.

This process is led by you and your whanau. The Connector links you with the right solutions.

How to find a Connector

A Connector can be:

  • employed as a Connector by Mana Whaikaha
  • an independent Connector contracted by Mana Whaikaha
  • someone you know

Get in touch with us to start the process of finding a Connector

How does funding work?

Some of the supports you identify with the help of your Connector will require some funding. Connectors don't make decisions about funding. Instead, a Funding Coordinator will make those decisions.

After you provide Mana Whaikaha with some information about your life, the Funding Coordinator will determine the funding amount that can be offered to you.

Unfortunately that amount might not cover everything you're asking for. You can decide how you use the money but it has to be within certain guidelines. The Funding Coordinator can help you understand those guidelines and how to work within them.