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Organisation and job roles

Kaitūhono/Connectors team


The Director leads the Kaitūhono/Connectors team and ensures that Connectors are of service to disabled people, their family and whānau. The Director provides strategic leadership and works closely with the Director of the Tari/System Team and the MidCentral Governance Group to deliver the transformed disability support system as designed and within available funding. They will lead a culture change to shift power and control from the system to disabled people and whānau through promoting human rights and building trusting relationships with the disability sector. They will oversee its financial management, ensuring disabled people and whānau receive connected support across government


As a member of the leadership team, the Manager supports the Director. One of the Manager’s key roles is to provide individual Kaitūhono/Connectors with the support they need to be of service to disabled people, their family and whānau.


The key role of Kaitūhono/Connectors is to establish and maintain trusting relationships with disabled people and whānau. Connectors walk alongside disabled people to support them to think about what a good life looks like for them, and identify what support is available to achieve this. To do this, Kaitūhono/Connectors take the time to get to know disabled people and whānau, and what is important to them. Kaitūhono/Connectors will support disabled people and whānau to think about, and access, a range of supports – especially supports in everyday places.

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Network Builder

The Network Builder supports Kaitūhono/Connectors to work with disabled people to develop their networks, build connections with their family and whānau, and access advocates. They will also help Kaitūhono/Connectors to find somebody to support disabled people in their decision making, where disabled people only have paid support or to increase natural support in their lives.

Tari/System team


The Director leads the team that provides the supporting and shared service functions for Mana Whaikaha. In partnership with the Director of the Kaitūhono/Connectors team, they will lead a culture change to shift power and control from the system to disabled people and whānau. The Director will assist in implementing Mana Whaikaha and will contribute to its development. They will oversee its financial management, ensuring disabled people and whānau receive connected support across government.


The Manager will support the Director to ensure disabled people and whānau are able to access all features of Mana Whaikaha. They will lead the Disability Information team to provide high quality information which is relevant, useful and sought after by the disability sector.

Government Liaison

The Government Liaisons will support Kaitūhono/Connectors to assist disabled people and whānau to access other government services (e.g. benefit applications) and to build positive relationships with other parts of government (e.g. learning support in school). The Government Liaisons will be the link between Kaitūhono/Connectors and key government agencies such as the Ministries of Health, Social Development, Education, Oranga Tamariki, and ACC to access government supports.

Information Specialist

The Information Specialist team may be the first point of contact in Mana Whaikaha for disabled people and whānau – face to face at the hubs, on the phone or in response to emails. They will welcome everyone and provide useful information, particularly for disabled people and whānau. If there is an enquiry about disability support, which sits outside Mana Whaikaha, the team will link people to the right people or organisation.

Funding Coordinators

Based on information provided by the Connectors the Funding Coordinators make decisions and provide advice about the funding proposals from disabled people and their whānau. The Funding Coordinators will allocate funding and ensure it is transparent, equitable and responsive to the needs of disabled people and whānau.

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Business Insight Specialist

The Business Insight Specialist is responsible for analysis and reporting on the prototype.  In conjunction with the Directors they will provide information and insights to the MidCentral Governance Group and to support the try, learn and adjust approach.

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Web Service Support

The role of the Web Support person is to optimise website performance, ensuring a high-quality online experience for disabled people and whānau. The position manages and oversees all online content on the Mana Whaikaha website, ensuring it is accurate, accessible and easy to use.


The Administrators will provide high-quality and timely administrative support to maximise the efficiency of the essential backbone functions across both teams.


Governance and leadership groups are made up of a mix of disabled people, whānau, providers, and officials.

MidCentral Governance Group

The purpose of the MidCentral Governance Group is to provide strategic oversight of the Mana Whaikaha prototype and make recommendations to the Ministers on what improvements could be made. The directors of both the Kaitūhono/Connector and Tari/System teams report to the MidCentral Governance Group.

MidCentral Leadership Group

The MidCentral Leadership Group provides advice and support for the Mana Whaikaha prototype in MidCentral. They have core groups of disabled people, whānau and providers that provide information to the Leadership Group from the groups they represent.

National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group

The National Enabling Good Lives Leadership Group (NEGL) provides disability community and sector input to, and advice on, current and future initiatives involving changes to the disability support system.