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Employing people

All about employment

Employment Hub

The employment hub provides information, advice, and support to promote positive employment relationships between employers and employees in Mana Whaikaha, the MidCentral prototype. Through the employment hub, you can access:

  • information (including your legal rights and obligations as an employer and employee, best practice for employers, and useful templates)
  • an orientation to the MidCentral prototype for potential employers and employees
  • employment advice for employers and employees
  • access to training for care and support workers and to be an employer
  • access to unions
  • dispute resolution processes for employers and employees. 

If you have any questions about employment or any of the above, please email us at info@manawhaikaha.co.nz or phone 0800 626 255 (0800 MANA55).

Employing people

If you are thinking about employing and/or contracting people in Mana Whaikaha, you will find the following employment guides useful.

They were developed with help from Enabling Good Lives Waikato. 

If you need any more information on employment or contracting in MidCentral, you can contact the Mana Whaikaha team and we can arrange for someone to assist you.  

Legal obligations as an employer

If you choose to employ people in Mana Whaikaha you need to be aware that you have legal obligations as an employer.

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has useful information on your legal obligations as an employer:

Find out about employment responsibilities (external website)

Find out about the minimum rights of employees (external website)

Forms and templates to assist you

We have developed some forms and templates which may assist you if you choose to employ or contract staff in MidCentral.

These are:

  • Job description template (developed with help from Enabling Good Lives Waikato)
  • Offer of employment (developed with help from Enabling Good Lives Waikato)

Download the job description template (PDF, 110 KB, 2 pages)

Download the offer of employment template (PDF, 109 KB, 2 pages)

Access to unions

If you would like to ask for advice or contact the unions, the following can help: 

PSA Organising Centre:

phone 0508 367 772

email enquiries@psa.org.nz

ETU Support:

phone 0800 186 466

email support@etu.nz

They will be able to deal with your questions.