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Confirming a Connector

Someone you know could be confirmed as your Connector.

Anyone in your life can walk alongside you to talk about what you want to do. 

But if you choose to have someone you know to be your Connector, and to be paid to do this, we need to make sure they have the skills to support you as a connector 

Why the process?

The reason this process is necessary is to make sure the person you want as your Connector: 

  • is not employed by, or has a close association with, an organisation that provides disability support 

  • understands and can apply the Enabling Good Lives vision and principles 

  • understands the role of a Connector. 

Find out more about the Enabling Good Lives vision and principles (external website)

Process for confirming someone you know  

Step 1

A disabled person, or their representative, makes contact with the Director (or Manager) of the Mana Whaikaha Kaitūhono/Connectors’ team to tell them they want to use someone they know as a Connector:  

Step 2

Meeting with Director or Manager:  

  • the purpose of the meeting is to assess the person’s understanding of the EGL vision and principles and how to apply these. 

Step 3

Director or Manager makes a decision:   

  • the Director or Manager communicates their decision  

  • if you disagree with the decision, you can ask for the decision to be reviewed.  

Step 4

Once the person has been confirmed as your personal Connector, you, your Connector and the Director make an agreement about how this will work: 

  • the agreement will set out what your Connector will do  

  • how and when your Connector will be paid. 

More information  

If you want to discuss  having someone you know confirmed as your Connector, contact us: