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Without a Connector

If you choose not to work with a Connector, but wish to access funding for support from Mana Whaikaha, you can.

Accessing funding without working with a Connector

We will provide you with a Contact Person to access funding. The Contact Person can:

  • explain the funding process to you
  • provide you with up to date information and templates for funding
  • help you understand how much Mana Whaikaha may be able to provide you with
  • explain what information Mana Whaikaha will need from you
  • answer any questions you might have about whether something you want to do fits within the Purchase Guidelines.

You will need to fill out a funding template and provide us with some information about you so that we can be sure that we are funding people in similar situations fairly.

When you are ready to provide the funding template and information to support the moderation process you can send this to the Contact Person.

They will review the information and may contact you to clarify some particular points. The Contact Person will then provide the funding template and moderation information to the Funding Coordinator, who will determine whether Mana Whaikaha can provide you with the amount of funding you are seeking. They will relay that decision back to you via the Contact Person.

Once a funding decision has been made, Mana Whaikaha will need to work with you to create a Funding Agreement and work through details like:

  • which account is the money to be paid into
  • when do you need any current supports to be changed or stopped as you move into your new arrangements
  • what should the payment schedule be (will you need more support upfront? Will you need more funding to be paid to you later, for example, for increased support during a holiday?).

If at any point you decide that you would like help from a Connector, you can choose to work with one without having to start over.

Please email us at info@manawhaikaha.co.nz or call 0800 626 255 (0800 MANA55) if you want a Contact Person for the funding process.