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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions from Community

What is happening now?

There’s a team of people called the Establishment Unit, whose job it is to set up the new Ministry.  The Establishment Unit is making sure the new Ministry has what it needs in place when it starts:

  • A name and location
  • Staff
  • Equipment and processes (like finance and communications systems).

The Establishment Unit is also making sure the new Ministry is set up to meet the challenges for the future. This means the Ministry will:

  • Listen and respond to the voices of disabled people and their families and whānau
  • Work with disabled people as partners
  • Give effect to Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • Operate in line with Enabling Good Lives principles.

It will take time for the new Ministry to be fully established. Disabled people will continue to be part of leading and shaping the new Ministry’s development.

Will my services change?

Don’t worry – if you receive disability support services or funding, they will not be affected. Current disability support services and funding will remain the same during this transition period.

Why isn’t the new Ministry rolling out Enabling Good Lives immediately?

There is work to do, building on the information from the current sites, to confirm the Enabling Good Lives model to be rolled out and how that happens in each region. That will be done in partnership with disabled people and family/whānau. Many communities also want time to build their regional leadership so they can better work with the new Ministry on the Enabling Good Lives approach in their region.

Where can I get more information on the work being done or anything about the new Ministry?

Email the Establishment Unit to receive regular updates.

  • Call us and leave a message: 0800 566 601
  • Email us: establishmentunit@msd.govt.nz 
  • Send us a letter to our Free Post Address: Establishment Unit- Ministry for Disabled People Reply No. 262204 PO Box 1556 Wellington
  • Visit our website: www.amplifyu.org.nz (external website)
  • Find us on Facebook: search AmplifyU.NZ