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Blog – July 10

The overall goal of Keeping Safe, Feeling Safe is to create positive social change through education and self-advocacy to:

Blog - July 1

As a result of an investment from the capability building fund we have the wonderful opportunity of offering a “Now and Next” programme for families with young children with a...

Blog - June 26

Community Circles.We are all on a journey towards a transformed disability service. With any major change there are challenges but we have been encouraged by seeing the seeds of new...

Blog - June 12

This is a photo of Adrienne on her scooter, which has been loaned to her by a local business where she is a valued customer, concerned that she not lose...

Blog - June 6

I really enjoy flatting and doing lots of things in my community, I especially enjoy going on trips out of town with the Tatou Tatou network.

Blog - May 9

Recently Mana Whaikaha has been supported by the Ministry of Education and local schools to participate in small information evenings for families who have young people getting close to leaving...

April 29 - Blog

We are now in the process of bringing funding such as very high needs, transition and other job support funding from Ministry of Social Development into Mana Whaikaha so that...

April 8 - Blog

I need to start this blog with a deep apology. I have been very remiss in failing to get updates to you over the past few weeks.