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Ministry of Education Host Webinar

View this link to join the webinar website

This free webinar will  focus on wellbeing and transition back to early learning services and schools for young children and school students.

There will be a panel made up of the following people:

  • David Wales National Director, Learning Support
  • Mark Potter, Principal, Berhampore School
  • Frian Wadia, Parent of three boys
  • Sonja Macfarlane, Practice Adviser Māori, Ministry of Education
  • Roseanne Gibson, RTLB Cluster Manager
  • Michelle Wood, psychologist, Early Intervention, Ministry of Education

Panel members will present their perspectives and there will be opportunities for live questions from the audience.

We apologise that this is late notice and understand the timing will not suit everyone but there will be an opportunity to view the webinar a few days later, after it has been captioned and translated.


Online webinar
See link above to join