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Mana Whaikaha update October 19th

We are now beginning to settle into at least a semblance of business as usual within the Connector/ Kaitūhono team. The numbers of people requesting support continues to grow and there is no doubt now that this is beginning to stretch the capacity of the team. We have come to the point now where we will continue to take in these requests it is likely that it will be mid-November before contact will be made by a Connector. While I recognise that this is disappointing we do need to be sure that Connectors have the time available to them to do the detailed work that is required to ensure we do achieve the changes we are all seeking in the lives of people.

This week really has been the week that we have begun to see how people want flexibility and choice around what it is that will meet their needs. For some people even the smallest change can make a remarkable difference in their lives. One family for example who has struggled to be able to take a break for some time has a caring family who is happy to provide that break but need to cover their travel costs. They now have petrol voucher to recompense their family. One man has a desire to become a member of his local petanque club, this will cost $6 a week. What this man gets for his $6 a week is, exercise, membership, companionship, and friendship with others of like interest, a socially valued role in his community and the ability to pursue his interest.