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Mana Whaikaha update October 26th

In the first month of our work we have placed our focus on enabling disabled people and families to access the system and to begin our work of supporting people to “imagine better” for their lives, but we have not lost sight of the other essential component of our work, which is system transformation. This means changing the way in which systems and services work cooperatively to advance the wellbeing of disabled people.

We have begun to work, through the role of our Government Liaison person responsible for health, Jay Kuhtze, to build a relationship with the “Star” ward at the hospital, so that we can work to better ensure that people who have had strokes can begin to engage with a Connector very early in their recovery period. They can then have the services and supports they require in place to regain their independence as quickly as possible.

We now have a Connector, Kerry Harper, dedicated to this role and work has begun on building a provider alliance to ensure people will have a choice of provider, but also to have providers working cooperatively to address gaps in the services for people living with the impact of strokes across the region.