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Moving out

One of the first people that Mana Whaikaha has had the opportunity of working with has moved out of a resthome into her own little unit with the supports she needs.

At the end of our second week we are privileged to have been able to successfully test the system.

To successfully achieve a move of this type in such a short time is testimony to all of the systems working well together, the service provider, the government agencies and the wider community all coming together to make this move happen

It is testament also to the determination of the woman herself to take back control over her own life. To the service provider and the encouragement and support they provided for this move to happen. To the individual staff of the resthome for the gifts of household items to ensure the house was homely and welcoming.

This wonderful and courageous woman will tell her own story and express her own thanks when she is ready. In the meantime I would like, on behalf of Mana Whaikaha, to specifically thank Michelle Reiri and her staff from MSD who enabled us to work flexibly and set up things in such a short time.  Also to Andrea Maxwell and Fiona Hutchins who went above and beyond to answer our questions and ensure we had the information we needed to ensure there were no delays. Fiona in particular as amazing processing things first thing Monday morning.

Our deepest appreciation also goes to Leo Nicholson from “Le Courier”.  Leo as a member of the Fitzherbert Lions Club has undertaken to use his business to shift the furniture to enable this move at no cost.

When members of the community so generously step up to support in this way we can be confident that good lives for people will be achieved.  This is such a wonderful demonstration that a good life is not just about services but about being accepted and belonging by the ordinary people in community. Thanks so much Leo for demonstrating this.