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Update from Directors

We have come to the end of our first week of Mana Whaikaha, which began with a wonderful launch in Palmerston North.  What was most impressive about the launch was the deep sense of investment and ownership that Disabled People and whānau have in this new system.  This bodes well for us and must be honoured in all aspects of our work.

We have had a great deal of interest from people in engaging with a Kaitūhono/Connector and by the end of this first week 175 people are currently allocated to and working with Connectors.  We need to be very careful now that we do not completely swamp connectors in the first week, and a couple of connectors will be needing to advise that they do not have capacity at this time to take on further requests for support.

I am really sorry if this might mean that some people may not get their first choice of connector, which is disappointing but we do need to ensure that connectors have the time available to truly walk alongside of people to ensure their needs and life aspirations are well understood and meaningful supports can be made available.