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Funding contribution

Learning how Mana Whaikaha will work with you

You may wish to contact us so that:

  • we can discuss how Mana Whaikaha can work with you
  • answer any questions you might have
  • we can help introduce you to Connectors
  • or, if you don’t want a Connector, we can provide you with a Contact Person. The Person will provide you with funding documents and a log on for the funding system at the appropriate time, and answer questions you might have.

If you choose to seek funding from Mana Whaikaha, neither the Connector nor the Contact Person will make any decisions about funding. Instead, a Funding Coordinator will make those decisions. The role of the Contact Person (or Connector) is to help you work through what you want, and help you with Mana Whaikaha’s funding process.

Working out what’s important to me

Many of the important things in life can’t be bought. It’s important that you consider all the things that matter to you so that your support can be proportionate and well-matched to your priorities.

If you already receive some support, you may wish to reflect on:

  • What’s working for you?
  • What’s not working for you as well as it could?
  • What’s important about your support?

Understanding how the system can help me further

Once you’ve considered what’s important to you, and looked at what’s available in the community, you may wish to seek some government funding for support.

To understand what we might ordinarily fund someone in your situation you’ll need to answer some standard questions about your age, living situation, and any upcoming life transitions (like starting or leaving school). This will give us an indicative ‘moderation’ range we might fund you for. When you are ready for this, your Connector or Contact Person can work with you to provide that information.

Determining what funded support I might seek

If you are seeking funding from Mana Whaikaha, you will need to fill out a funding template. You’ll need to describe the:

  • purposes you’re seeking funding for. These might be goals (for example ‘getting a job after finishing school’) or activities (for example ‘getting ready in the morning’)
  • supports you’re seeking to meet those purposes
  • amount and cost of that support.

You will want to familiarise yourself with the purchase guidelines. Your Connector can assist you to work through this process. Mana Whaikaha has very few rules about funding but you will need to be able to explain how the support you are seeking helps you overcome barriers related to disability. In some instances, you may need to provide some additional information context for some supports you are seeking before the Funding Coordinator can activate funding for them.

View the guidelines to see what your funding can be used for

You may also wish to consider how you want to phase your funding – whether you want some funding upfront for particular purchases (like a piece of assistive technology), or want to have some funding saved up for the future (like increased support during a holiday).

When you are ready to provide this information you may also wish to update the information for the moderation range.

Once you are ready to provide the funding template and moderation information you can email this to your Contact Person, who will check that it is complete, ask any questions needed to help you complete it, and then pass it on to the Funding Coordinator. Alternatively, your Connector can provide that information to the Funding Coordinator on your behalf.

Getting agreement from Mana Whaikaha

The Funding Coordinator will determine the overall amount it can fund you by using the moderation information you supplied as a guide, and taking into account:

  • the EGL principles
  • Mana Whaikaha’s early investment priorities
  • the information you supply as part of your story in the funding template.

If it is not possible to fund the entire amount that you are seeking, your Connector or contact person will discuss this with you. You will be able to choose what you prioritise doing – rather than the system telling you.

If you feel that you haven’t been treated fairly you can use the Mana Whaikaha process to appeal the funding decision.

Activating my package

Once a personal budget has been agreed, there will be some details to work through, such as:

  • how you want to manage the money
  • whether you want to contract directly for your supports, or access supports that the Ministry of Health has a contract for
  • if you do want to direct contract, what account number you want your personal budget to go into
  • when you want your new supports to start.

Find out what your funding can be used for

Checking in about how it’s going

If you choose to individually arrange some or all of your supports Mana Whaikaha may review your funding transactions with what we agreed the funding for. This means:

  • your nominated account must only be for your disability supports
  • you will need to provide monthly bank statements for your disability support account
  • Mana Whaikaha may require you to use some codes when making internet payments, to help understand the link between some of your transactions and the purposes we agreed funding for.

Your Kaitūhono/Connector or Contact person can help you understand these requirements further.