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Feedback and Complaints


Feedback is important and we value what you share with us.  Your feedback helps identify areas of success and areas that need improvement.

In addition to providing feedback in-person, post or phone, we have added an email dedicated to receiving your feedback Feedback@manawhaikaha.co.nz 

This email provides an additional platform for community engagement, as well as an alternative for individuals who prefer to engage confidentially.  All feedback through this email is kept confidential and is only visible to the Leadership Team at Mana Whaikaha.

How to give feedback: 

phone 0800 626 255 or 0800 MANA55
email feedback@manawhaikaha.co.nz

585 Main Street, Palmerston North

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PO Box 4547

Manawatu Mail Centre

Palmerston North 4442










Sometimes our performance and services don't meet your expectations and results in a disappointing experience.  If you are unhappy and want to tell us about it you are welcome to make a complaint.  Complaints are important and help us improve and perform better.

It's important to know that you or someone else, such as a relative, friend, parent, or advocate, can make complaints on your behalf. If a complaint is made by someone else on your behalf, you may be contacted to verify whether you have given that person your consent to make the complaint.

How to make a complaint:

Right now we are in the process of updating some of our complaints process and kindly ask if you would like to make a complaint please use the complaints and feedback information available on the Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People website.