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MidCentral Baseline Survey 2018

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Why are we doing a Baseline Survey?

An outcomes' evaluation is being undertaken to help us understand what difference Mana Whaikaha is making for disabled people and whānau over time.

The first stage in the outcomes’ evaluation is the Baseline Study. The Baseline Study tells us what things were like before Mana Whaikaha started on 1 October 2018 and will provide a reference point for understanding how things are changing since Mana Whaikaha started.

The Baseline Study involved:

  • Interviews with disabled people and whānau and a survey of service providers and support workers
  • Mapping the disability support system before Mana Whaikaha started
  • Analysis of outcomes using administrative information.

These three elements will be repeated 18 months after Mana Whaikaha started and again after Mana Whaikaha has been running for three years.

After every stage of the outcomes’ evaluation, a social cost-benefit analysis will also be undertaken. This will help us value the impact of Mana Whaikaha, for example, the social cost-benefit of improved life outcomes for disabled people and whānau.

Baseline Study Reports

There are four Baseline Study reports available.

  • A Summary Report which summarises information from all the interviews with disabled people and whānau, the surveys of service providers and support workers, and the system mapping.
  • A Disabled Peoples Report which provides more in-depth results from interviews with 172 disabled people who took part. 
  • A Whānau Report which provides more in-depth results from surveys of 152 whānau about their experiences of the disability support system. 
  • A report providing the Survey Tools used. 

Baseline Study Summary report (DOC, 4 MB, 75 pages)

Baseline Study Easy Read (DOCX, 5.6 MB, 34 pages)

Baseline Study Disabled Peoples Report (DOCX, 1.4 MB, 94 pages)

Baseline Study Whānau report (DOC, 16 MB, 81 pages)

Baseline Study Survey Tools (DOC, 3 MB, 64 pages)

View the NZSL Summary Report Executive Summary videos

Disabled people and whānau who took part in the Baseline Study were chosen at random from everyone in the MidCentral area who were using disability supports. People did not have to take part if they did not want to. Both adults and children participated. Sometimes a parent or legal guardian completed the survey on behalf of others. Disabled people who were involved were asked if they were happy for their family member to take part in the whānau survey.

The interviews and surveys collected information about people’s experiences of the system before Mana Whaikaha; what was working well and what could be better. They also asked people what they wanted more of, or less of, in their life.

What’s happening next in the evaluation?

  • Baseline reports about outcomes for disabled people and whānau using administrative information and a social cost-benefit analysis will be published when they are completed.
  • Evaluation activities are happening to help support the ongoing development of Mana Whaikaha (the ‘Try, Learn and Adjust’ approach).
  • The Baseline interviews and surveys with disabled people, whānau, providers and support workers will be repeated in April 2020 and September 2021 and will help us understand what has changed since Mana Whaikaha started on 1 October 2018.

Any questions

If you have any questions about the Baseline Study please email the System Transformation team and include "Baseline Study" in the subject line.

Email: STFeedback@health.govt.nz

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